Supereme Siddhar Shri Muthuvaduganatha Swamigal-Poorna Avatar of the Supreme Parasakthi Annai Varahi
Shri Siddhar Muthuvaduganatha Swamigal as the Poorna Avatar of the Supreme Parasakthi Annai Varahi

Mr A Pandian who is 72 years of age, is one of the very Senior Upasakas of Supreme Siddhar Muthuvaduganatha Swamigal. While currently residing at Madurai, he travels at least on a fortnightly basis to Singampunari to pray at the Jiva Samadhi of our Supreme Siddhar. Though he is a treasure house of knowledge on our Supreme Siddhar, he is also an epitome of humility, kindness and deep compassion for humanity.

Mr Pandian is a Master of the Tamil Language and like Supreme Siddhar, was a school teacher who retired as Headmaster in Chockalingapuram school, which is very near to Singampunari. To visit and meet such a venerable personality is a rare opportunity, provided to the fortunate ones.

Mr Pandian has written a beautiful book in Tamil entitled “Singampunari Siddhar Thirumantiram”, which contains a life history of our Supreme Siddhar and  poems on Siddhar which are sung at the time of the Abhisekams. Keeping this book at the temple altar at one’s home vouchsafes the instant Grace of our Supreme Siddhar. Copies of the book are available with Mr Pandian.

Please view some extracts from the same book with the caption "Tamil poems on Siddhar, by Mr A Pandian"

For further information, please contact :

  • Mr Pulavar A Pandian, Singampunari,9486745650
  • Mr Vijay Karayi, Mumbai, 9987542280

Email :

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Our Supreme Siddhar Shri Muthuvaduganatha Swamigal took Jiva Samadhi at the age of 96 years in the town of Singampunari, which is 53 kms from the Pilgrim Town of Madurai in Sivagangai district of Tamil Nadu state in India.
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